Magento Channel

The new Magento Channel is open,

here you can easily install all the purchased extension of the Magento Connect Manager and of course, always update to the latest version.

But also install free extension, which we use in different projects you can here. To use the channel is at least the Magento version required.

How it works:


Open your Magento Connect Manager and enter the required download URL. When a purchased extension is the URL (with the license key) to see the bill.

Then you click on the button "Install ". Subsequently, all packets are displayed. On a large extension, it can sometimes be more dependent packages.
In extension, which invites you to the SNM-Portal, is the "dependency patch no longer necessary as of version 1.5.1. For older packages via Magento Connect it may still need. More information about the problem can be found at

Only with a further click on "Proceed" is the installation. Please check the output text in the black box at fault trip journals. Normally, everything should work, problems are usually write access to the areas.

Fre Extension:


Download-Key: httep://

This is used for various extension and includes the loading of JavaScript files for JQuery.

Social Tabbar und Toolbar mit JQuery-Extension

*** new Version (1.3.1) now with Google Button +1


social-bookmark-magento.jpgThis extension provides a toolbar to the areas Google Translator, social bookmarks and a mini-contact form.

And secondly, a tabbar for each product. If desired, also in the list view.

More information can be found at social-bookmark.

SEO + Sitemap


seo-sitemap-plus.pngThis extension was created to improve the search engine friendliness of Magento.

Again, there is more information on the pages of agency from Munich.

Michael Augsten is Magento Developer at SNM-Portal