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pdf.jpgpdfPrint-collage.pngPDF print-outs with your Corporate Design!

Tax-free delivery to European countries (Euro TAX / VATID).
Tax-free delivery outside the European Union.




Use for all SNM-Extension test area.


  • Simple to use for invoices, delivery notes and credit notes (frontend and backend)
  • Per type, a background PDF with your corporate design can be stored and this for the home page and the following pages.
  • Any definition of variables and positions each for the home page and subsequent pages
  • Per type, an existing PDF to be hung on, for example, can the terms of the bill, a promotion or a coupon to the delivery to be hung on a credit memo
  • Customizable design for text after data table
  • CSS-defined representation of texts
  • Automatic page break with conditions of CSS Styles ".text-after {page-break-before: 40mm; font-size: 9pt;}."
  • Sending the PDF bill possible as an attachment to the e-mail
  • Easy installation of the module, version 1.5 of the Magento Connect Manager
  • No manipulation of the HTML Magento output
  • Download of the invoice, delivery and credit memo in the front end. This can be set individually.
  • No rewrites for controllers and routers. Only model rewrites for 'sales / order_pdf_invoice', 'sales / order_pdf_creditmemo', 'sales / order_pdf_shipment'


  • Version 1.5 is easy to install / uninstall from the Magento Connect Manager possible, Connect URL mentioned in the order confirmation
  • And as always, please update after installing the new cache and register


In all text blocks can be accessed at the following variables in addition to the Magento Directive

  • order - Mage_Sales_Model_Order
  • helper -AuIt_Pdf_Model_Template_Filter_Helper methode for workflow : eq, neq, lt, lteq, gt, gteq
    new (2010/05): date function
    {{var helper.date(invoice.created_at_date ,15,long,0) }}
    the result is created_at_date+ 15 days in long format
    helper.date(<date> ,<days>,<long|small|medium>,<0|1>)
    helper.date(<date> ,<days>,<format>,<show time>)
  • billingaddress -Mage_Sales_Model_Order_Address
  • payment_method- Text Alias
  • payment_info -Text Info
  • invoice -Mage_Sales_Model_Order_Invoice
  • page_current -current page number
  • page_count - max page number without append pdf
  • order_date - formatted order date
  • invoice_date - formatted order date

New CSS options:

  • font-stretch: [ultra-condensed | extra-condensed | condensed | semi-condensed | semi-expanded | auto]
    The auto option allows the automatic stretching in a text box
  • Allows a page break
    page-break-before: 12mm
    page-break-after: 23pt

Additional Information

Version 2.5.2
Compatibility 1.5.x / 1.6.x / 1.7.x / 1.8.x / 1.9.x
Last Updated Jun 25, 2014


Version: 2.5.2

Add attachment filenames

Version: 2.5.1

Email attachments

Version: 2.4.2

Change of helper function: helper.date(date,offset days,date format,showtime)
For print current date {{var helper.date(now)}}

Change of function: isEUVATTaxFree()
As of now, two addresses are used and any existing old field TAX_VAT.
There is no delivery address (virtual product) is used, the billing address, here is the "VAT_ID" is not assigned, the field 'taxvat' used.

{{if helper.isEUVATTaxFree(order.tax_amount,
order.customer_taxvat) }}
Tax free intracommunity delivery.<br/>

Change of funktion:  isWorldTaxFree()
Again, another country_id will specify if the delivery address may not exist.

{{if helper.isWorldTaxFree(order.tax_amount,shippingaddress.country_id,billingaddress.country_id) }}
Tax-exempt export delivery<br/>
Nach §6 UStG in Verb. mit §4 Nr. 1a UStG handelt es sich um eine steuerfreie Ausfuhr.<br/>

Remove of rewrites for  admin order

Selection with this extension

Michael Augsten is Magento Developer at SNM-Portal